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4 Facts about Sandbox Solar – The Top Northern Colorado Solar Company

Posted in: Sandbox Solar | Tags: , , , , , | January 28, 2020

Northern Colorado solar company

If you’re considering solar for your home or business but haven’t heard about the top local solar company – Sandbox Solar – you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll cover why we’re considered the top Northern Colorado solar company.

Our company was started with one simple passion: harnessing the everlasting energy of the outdoors. On our logo, the Sandbox represents our values of play, engineering, the outdoors, and the community. Our number-one goal is to build sustainable communities in your area that demonstrate these values every day. Sandbox Solar is your top Northern Colorado solar company for all of your energy-efficiency needs.

Here are 4 facts about us that you might not have known:

  1. We were co-founded by Ian Skor and Andrew Lyle in 2015. Sandbox Solar was founded by an Environmental Engineer (Ian) with a passion for energy efficiency and sustainability, and a Mechanical Engineer (Andrew), who has worked for world leaders in solar energy development since 2008. They built Sandbox Solar on the foundation of impeccable standards and living up to what they say they will do.
  2. We serve Fort Collins, Greeley, Denver and more. We have installed solar panels on homes and businesses all over Northern Colorado and the Denver area. We’re highly rated and proud to be the top Northern Colorado solar company.
  3. Sandbox Solar offers the cleanest installs in town! We help you through the whole process of design, development, and installation of solar panels at your business or home. Plus, we always use the highest quality design tools and components for the best solar installation possible.
  4. We offer residential solar installation, repair, maintenance, and electric vehicle chargers. Sandbox Solar is fostering local community involvement with solar energy. We provide opportunities for anyone to get involved in solar energy and receive the environmental and financial benefits of energy generation. From homeowners to businesses, to community solar farm subscribers, it’s possible for anyone to become involved in and work toward energy independence.

Benefits of Investing in Solar:

  1. Reduce your electric bill with solar panels on your home or business. This is a simple and reliable way to reduce your energy bill while being green! When you install solar panels on your business, you’re putting your roof to work for you. You will see system payback in 10 years and performance guarantees for 25 years. For your home, any excess energy you generate runs your meter backward! Now you are billed only for the difference between the energy you make and the energy you have used. Plus, with solar panels in Fort Collins, you can take advantage of time-of-day (TOD) pricing! Avoid the increase in utility costs by using the energy your solar panels generate to power your home, regardless of the time you use it.
  2. Solar increases the value of your home! Solar boosts the value of homes because of the cost to install it. A lot of states are placing more value in solar savings now more than ever. It can even decrease the time that your house is on the market because of the potential solar savings!

If you’re in need of a professional to help you install a solar system, contact Sandbox Solar, the top Northern Colorado solar company, today. We’re your local solar experts, and we’re here to provide you with independent and clean energy. Contact us today!

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