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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a “Solar Company Near Me”

Posted in: Sandbox Solar, Solar Info | Tags: , , , , , , | January 28, 2020

Solar Company Near Me

Choosing the right solar company can be a daunting task. When you search “solar company near me,” a plethora of options pop up. From there you have to decide who is going to do the best job, give you the best quote, and help you understand how much you can save with solar energy. With Sandbox Solar, you will have expertise, independent and clean energy, a fair quote, and the perks of using a local business. There are five things we think you should consider when choosing your solar company. They include:

  1. Expertise – Experience is more important than company size. Your solar provider should have years of expertise in installing solar energy systems. For example, our co-founder Ian has worked on LEED projects creating energy-efficient and energy-producing commercial buildings. He also has experience in PV and energy efficiency project development. Our other co-founder, Andrew, has been involved in renewable energy since 2008 and has worked for world leaders in solar energy development and integration.
  2. Local installer versus a national company – When comparing your provider options, it’s important to be aware of the differences between local businesses and a national company. Usually, larger companies are more established and can offer more comprehensive warranties and payment options. On the other hand, local businesses are likely to be more familiar with your state’s permit requirements and rebates and have local rapport. They can usually get you quotes and installations faster because they have fewer customers than a national company. Sandbox Solar is locally owned and operated with the goal of creating sustainable communities!
  3. Read reviews – Experience means nothing if a company doesn’t treat their customers well. Working with a company that is helpful, approachable, and respectful is important when choosing a “solar company near me.” Spend some time looking for customer reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook, or their company website. You can even ask a company for references if you can’t find any reviews online. Sandbox Solar has plenty of testimonials. Don’t just take it from us – read them here
  4. Look at financing options – There are several ways to finance your solar investment. You can take out a loan, pay cash, lease, or enter a power purchase agreement (PPA). Find out which options the companies you are researching offer. At Sandbox Solar, we offer leasing, loans, and PPAs
  5. Request a quote – Set up a time to speak with each company that you’re interested in to get a quote! Most companies will want to see your property to understand the project fully and give you an accurate estimate. You should ask these questions when getting a quote:
    1. Who handles the permits that are required by my city and state? 
    2. How many panels will I need, based on my monthly energy usage?
    3. What is included in the warranty, if you do offer one?

If you’re searching for a “solar company near me,” look no further than Sandbox Solar! We can help you design and install solar for your home or business. Feel free to meet with us to discuss your solar project and get a free quote! Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get started!

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