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Solar Doesn’t Have to Be on the Roof | Alternatives to Rooftop Solar

Posted in: Solar Info | Tags: , , | March 20, 2019

Alternatives to Rooftop Solar

Occasionally we hear from homeowners and business owners that solar is simply unfeasible because their roof doesn’t receive enough sunlight, isn’t big enough, or has too many obstructions. Good news! There are many alternatives to rooftop solar that still provide the same benefits of rooftop solar, despite being in a different location. In this blog, Sandbox Solar will cover the best alternatives to rooftop solar to help you find a system that works great for your needs, no matter where it’s located.

Alternatives to Rooftop Solar:  

Solar for Barns, Sheds, and Other Outbuildings
If your roof is unsuitable for a solar system for one reason or another, there are plenty of alternatives to rooftop solar. One of the best options, especially for business owners or those with land, is to consider your barns, sheds, or the other outbuildings on your property. Nothing says your solar system must be on your home’s or main office’s roof. If you have another building with more direct sunlight access, a bigger or less obstructed roof, let’s consider putting your solar system there. Sandbox Solar, your local solar provider, can help you think outside the box and find a solution that will work for you.

Solar Carports
One of the best places to locate a solar system is on a carport, especially for an office building. These structures are often large and have plenty of unobstructed space. Not only will the carport protect the cars, you can also generate your power for your business and electric car charging station with your existing carport.

Alternatives to Rooftop Solar

Ground-Mount Solar Systems
If your roof or outbuildings are unsuitable for solar, there is always the option of simply installing your solar system right into the ground. This is known as a ground-mount solar system and is great for those who need a bigger system than a roof can hold. Not only are they easier to maintain, they can also be easier to install. Ground-mount systems are a great option to consider when looking for alternatives to rooftop solar. Click here to read a case study about a recent ground-mount solar system Sandbox Solar just installed.

Starter Solar Systems
One of the biggest barriers to rooftop solar has nothing to do with the roof shape or available sunlight, but rather the cost. That’s why Sandbox Solar recently begin offering a Solar Starter Package to give you a cost-effective way to begin covering your energy usage without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for ways to fit solar into your budget, check out the Sandbox Solar Starter Package here.

Community Solar
If solar is simply unfeasible at your home for one reason or another, never fear! You can still take part in a community solar program to increase solar in Northern Colorado. A community solar garden is a large solar installation divided up into many smaller shares. Individuals have the opportunity to purchase solar panels virtually, receiving benefits as if the panels were on their own home or business. It’s one of the best alternatives to rooftop solar because you still get all the benefits without having the system on your property, nor are you responsible for the entire cost. Click here to learn more about the options and initiatives to increase community solar in Northern Colorado.

No matter if you’re looking for information about solar providers in Colorado or if you’re considering alternatives to rooftop solar, you’re in the right place. Sandbox Solar exists to think outside the box and find ways to increase solar energy use in Northern Colorado – no matter what it takes!

If you’re ready to learn more about solar in Northern Colorado, contact us. We’re happy to help you find the best solar system for your home or business. We pride ourselves on being the local, Northern Colorado solar company, and our goal is to help home and business owners invest in a solar system that makes the most sense for you – no matter where it’s located.

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