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Is My Home a Good Fit for Solar?

Posted in: Uncategorized | July 23, 2018

Is My House Right for Solar? - Sandbox Solar

Some of the most common questions we hear are, “Is my home right for solar?” or, “Is My Home a Good Fit for Solar?” These are valid questions you would want an answer to before moving forward since solar is a long-term investment. Before buying a solar system, it’s key to first determine if your roof is a good candidate for solar. In this blog we’ll answer your question, “Is my home a good fit for solar?” with a few general things to look for. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have specific questions about your home.

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Solar FAQs | Your Solar Questions Answered!

Posted in: Uncategorized | July 17, 2018

northern colorado solar panels

Sandbox Solar is your local, Northern Colorado solar provider. We know solar is a big investment, and before you determine if solar is right for your home or business, we want to make sure you have all the information up front to help you decide. To do so, Sandbox Solar is here to answer your most frequently asked questions regarding solar.

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How Do Solar Panels Work? Solar Energy 101

Posted in: Uncategorized | June 1, 2018

how solar system works northern colorado

At its core, a solar system harnesses the power of the sun and turns it into electricity for your residential or commercial building. The sun is an incredibly powerful energy generator and could easily power all our electrical needs, without emitting harmful greenhouse gases as do other electricity generators like coal and natural gas. Currently, solar only powers about one fifth of worldwide energy needs, but it’s the fastest growing source of power for good reason.

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Sandbox Solar Welcomes You to Northern Colorado

Posted in: Uncategorized | May 1, 2018

northern colorado solar power

What was it that brought you to Northern Colorado? Our viable job market? The fun to be had in the great outdoors? Perhaps our food and beer scene? Maybe a combination of all three? Whatever your reasoning may be, Northern Colorado is a pretty great place to settle down.

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10 Important Facts About Solar

Posted in: Uncategorized | April 1, 2018

colorado solar facts

Solar has made a big name for itself in recent years; the falling cost of solar panels, coupled with widespread news coverage, has left many homeowners considering an investment in solar. Sandbox Solar is your local, Northern Colorado solar partner, and we’re here to give you all the information you need about solar to help you make an informed choice. It’s a big decision, we know, which is why we’ve compiled these interesting facts about solar you may not have considered:

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Homeowners: Best Ways to Pay for a Solar System

Posted in: Uncategorized | March 5, 2018

northern colorado solar home

We get it, solar systems are a big investment. Here at Sandbox Solar, we frequently hear, “I want solar, but how do I pay for a solar system?”

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Six Benefits of Installing Solar on Your Home or Business

Posted in: Uncategorized | February 20, 2018

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We get it, solar is a big investment and a scary decision to make. We talk to homeowners and businesses everyday as they mull over whether or not solar makes sense for their building. The benefits of solar adoption vary widely by motivation, location, and needs, but the top reasons to install solar panels include:

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Latest News!

Posted in: Uncategorized | February 2, 2017

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Event: Green Drinks at CSU Powerhouse!
Sandbox Solar is hosting Green Drinks this month at the CSU Powerhouse. (430 N. College Ave. Fort Collins). Feburary 22nd 530-8p. Free Food and Beer (21+). Donations will go toward The Growing Project. This is a casual event and all are welcome. We will have images of the projects we’ve completed. The Powerhouse is a CSU owned building that is home to various research centers, policy firms, and startups. More information can be found here.

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Solar Outlook in NoCo

Posted in: Uncategorized | January 6, 2017

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With uncertainty of 2017, there are some things to look forward to in Northern Colorado. The Federal Tax Credit was extended and will continue to be 30% through 2017, Solar Energy Prices are predicted to go below $3.0/Watt for large residential systems, new everyday technology such as lawn lamps are becoming cheaper, and in case you missed it – a Great Article by Jacy from the Coloradoan features: Solar power gaining in Fort Collins.

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Posted in: Uncategorized | September 16, 2016

sandbox solar logo

Welcome to the Sandbox Solar news feed! We are a solar installation company that works out of Colorado. We’ve been taking on projects big and small, helping individuals and businesses adapt to the modern energy world. Solar is a green, affordable, and smart choice when it comes to powering your home or business.

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