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Community Solar: Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted in: Solar Info | Tags: , , , , | April 3, 2019

Community Solar | Sandbox Solar

For many people, solar is simply out of reach. This could be due to space constraints, living in a rental home or apartment building, or financial barriers. In order to protect our environment and reap the benefits of solar for all, we’re looking at creative solutions to increase solar in our community. One of the ways we’ve found to do this is through community solar projects in Northern Colorado.

These projects pool resources to remove barriers to solar and increase the number of systems in Northern Colorado. Community solar projects are the future of solar, and Sandbox Solar is proud to be on the forefront of this movement as your local Colorado solar provider. Read more to learn about community solar in Northern Colorado and how you can get involved:

What is Community Solar?
A community solar garden is a large solar installation divided up into many smaller shares. Individuals have the opportunity to purchase solar panels virtually, receiving benefits as if the panels were on their own home or business.

These solar projects are a collaboration between hosts and investors. Hosts are any businesses, homes or landowners, or public entitiessuch as a school or librarywho are willing to host solar systems. Investors are people who are interested in solar, but who do not have the ability to have solar on their own house or business. Investors help front the cost of the system to increase the amount of energy generated by solar in the community.

Community solar in Northern Colorado is really taking off, with more and more groups of people working together to think outside the box to fund and develop more solar-powered communities. SandBox Solar is your local community solar expert, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to support the uptake of community solar projects.

Community Solar Investors
For many, solar panels are out of reach due to roof and housing types, ownership status, or other reasons that preclude them from the benefits of solar. By agreeing to work with hosts and investing in a community solar garden, all can have equal access to the environmental and financial benefits of investing in solar.

The benefits of investment in community solar in Northern Colorado include the peace that comes from knowing exactly where your energy is being generated, the ability to sell your shares to another customer at any time, and the typical benefits you’d expect from having solar on your own roof.

Community Solar Hosts
Community solar hosts agree to have a larger-scale solar array placed on their property at no cost to them. Community solar hosts are often schools, libraries, government buildings, local businesses, and residents with extra land or space. Hosts are able to help their fellow neighbors and communities by providing the space for these solar systems. The major reason to host a community solar project in Northern Colorado is that you can reap the benefits of the solar system, at no cost to you.

Ready to join the movement as either an investor or a host? Sandbox Solar is committed to increasing the number of solar systems in our community, and we’re willing to look at creative solutions like community solar systems to do so. Learn more about our community solar farms on our website, and don’t hesitate to contact us to begin collaborating on a Northern Colorado solar farm with like-minded neighbors, business owners, and public entities.

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