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Energy-Efficient Summer Activities in Northern Colorado

Posted in: Green Activities | Tags: | July 24, 2018

Energy-Efficient Summer Activities in Northern Colorado

As your local, Northern Colorado solar company, Sandbox Solar is all for living green. We do everything we can to saving energy; we even like to be green while having fun. We’re lucky to live in Northern Colorado, where there’s plenty of biking, hiking, and other great outdoor activities that can all be done without using any energy. This summer, we challenge you to not only do things around the house to save energy like minding your AC, or considering solar but also to spend time engaging in green hobbies! Check out these Energy-Efficient Summer Activities in Northern Colorado! 

This summer, consider giving one or all of these memorable energy-efficient summer activities in Northern Colorado a try:  

Paddleboard at Horsetooth Reservoir
Horsetooth Reservoir is one of the many gems here in Northern Colorado. Did you know you can rent paddle boards to enjoy a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) trip around the lake? SUPing is a great, green alternative to boating that will help you cool off and enjoy the beauty of the lake. Take it a step further and ride your bike up to the reservoir and make a totally green day of it.

Bike to the Breweries
If Northern Colorado is known for anything, it’s our breweries. Get out your bike and make sure the tires are full for a fun afternoon biking between breweries and trying out some tasty creations. Just don’t forget your helmet! Take it a step further and invite all of your friends to join you on the two-wheeled transportation.

While spring has come and gone, it’s not too late to work on your summer garden in Northern Colorado. This fun activity will give you something to eat and will also get you outside. Gardening is a great way to reduce your footprint and grocery bill. If your garden has extras, don’t forget to donate them to the Plant it Forward program at the Food Bank for Larimer County! Take it a step further and install a composting system in your backyard to leverage your waste.

Frisbee Golf
We’re not talking about the traditional game of golf with a ball and a club… we’re talking about the kind of golf where you throw a frisbee into standing nets. Don’t knock it until you try it; not only is frisbee golf good for you physically, it’s also a fun, green hobby! There are tons of courses in Northern Colorado—get ready to flick your wrists and give it a try. Wanna take it a step further? As you walk the courses, pick up trash along the way!

Being green isn’t something to do here and there; it’s a lifestyle. Sandbox Solar fully supports living green with both our business and our hobbies. As your local Northern Colorado solar business, we invite you to join us. And if you’re in the market for solar, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be happy to give you a FREE quote to help you determine if solar is right for your home. Contact us to get started!

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