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Energy Monitoring for Landlords – The Perfect Solution for Rental Properties

Posted in: Property Investment | August 8, 2018

Energy Monitoring for Landlords - Sandbox Solar

In case you haven’t heard, Fort Collins Utilities is in the process of making big changes to how energy bills will be calculated and assessed, starting in October 2018. The utility company will be employing a new residential rate structure that will be charging homeowners and tenants of rental properties different amounts for the energy based on when said energy is used. This means users will pay more for energy if it’s used during peak hours and less if the energy is used during non-peak hours. If you’re an investment property owner in Northern Colorado, now is the time to consider energy monitoring for landlords, because other utility companies may soon follow suit. It’s the perfect solution for rental properties in Northern Colorado as these changes begin to take place.  

This new structure, known as Time-of-Day Pricing, could spell big changes for your energy bill depending on how much power the home and residents are using and what time of day. Users will be charged higher prices for using high amounts of energy during peak hours. Under the new system, the peak hours are 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. from October through April and 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. from May through September. Weekends and major holidays will not be included in the peak hour pricing.

Energy monitoring for landlords is an important step to help you oversee your tenants’ actual energy usage and charge them accordingly. With our free home energy monitor guide, we’ll give you instant alerts when energy is spiking and help you account for your tenants’ energy usage. This will help landlords properly charge tenants for the energy they’re using and teach them how to conserve energy to save on the total bill in the era of Time-of-Day Pricing. Rent included in your utilities? We have ways to control hot water heaters and electric baseboard heaters in ways that the tenant will not notice but your pocketbook surely will.

Download our free energy monitoring guide here. In just 8 minutes, you’ll learn how to teach your tenants how to optimize the energy usage in your rental property, as well as get real-time data into usage during peak hours. Energy monitoring for landlords is the perfect solution for rental properties because it will help you properly charge your tenants for energy usage in light of the new Time-of-Day Pricing. Contact us today to learn more about energy monitoring for landlords and how Sandbox Solar can help!

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