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Sandbox Solar Case Study: Ground Mount Solar Unit

Posted in: Solar Info | Tags: , | March 4, 2019

Sandbox Solar Case Study

When you decide to work with Sandbox Solar for your solar installation, we take every factor into consideration and help you design the best system for your needs. Our team recently helped a Northern Colorado landowner design and implement a sizeable ground mount solar unit on his property. Kevin was very thrilled with the results and had this to say about Sandbox Solar:

“I had three estimates for the installation of our ground-mounted system. Sandbox Solar were not the least expensive, but Ian, one of the owners, was the most impressive person to whom I spoke. He was quickly able to determine how my particular installation could be done.

“Other sales representatives were not so knowledgeable about installation, inverters or other options, like possibly using a battery system in conjunction with the solar array. I found his honesty and straightforward manner refreshing in comparison with standard sales techniques.

“The clincher for me was this is truly local Fort Collins company. The money stays in the community.

“Subsequently, the staff of Solar Sandbox were all very helpful and did their best to provide a quality result. I am now enjoying ‘free power’…I recommend these guys, they are honest and thorough.” – Kevin, Ground Mount Solar System Owner

Kevin wanted to get his solar system installed by the end of 2018 to take advantage of the full solar tax rebates – Sandbox Solar was able to meet this request on time and on budget. Based on his system needs and property, the best option was a ground mount solar system.

A ground mount solar system is one that is placed into the ground, instead of on the roof of a home or business. Choosing a ground mount solar system over a rooftop system can be done for many reasons. First of all, the system can often be bigger because we are not confined by just the space on the roof. The system can also be faced directly at the sun and avoid shadows from roof slopes, trees, other buildings, and so on. They can also be easier and more cost-effective to install.

In Kevin’s case, Sandbox Solar worked to get proper utility locating and setbacks requirements approved; we placed the solar array in an optimal location to satisfy his aesthetic requirements, while also maximizing the sunlight. Our team dug massive holes to place the poles and brought in concrete trucks to set and level all the posts. We also installed an inverter that is storage-ready for potential future batteries. And most importantly, we were able to offset his electricity bill significantly.

Sandbox Solar

At the end of 2019, the full solar tax rebates will be reduced – if you’re on the fence about adding solar to your home or office, don’t wait any longer! Take advantage of these incentives while you still can. Sandbox Solar is here to help you design and build the best system for your needs – whether it’s rooftop solar or a ground mount solar unit like Kevin’s. To see more examples of our work, check out our portfolio page to see just how versatile our solar system install can be. Contact us today to learn more about solar for your Northern Colorado home or business, and for a free quote.

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