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Best Reasons to Shop for Solar in the Winter

Posted in: Uncategorized | Tags: , , | December 20, 2018

Shop for solar in the winter

Many people who are interested in a solar system in Colorado think it’s not possible to install solar in the winter months. Fortunately for you, this simply isn’t true! Winter is a great time to shop for solar, and in this Sandbox Solar blog, we’ll cover the best reasons to shop for solar in the winter. You might just be surprised – now is a great time to get the ball rolling on your solar system!

Best reasons to shop for solar in the winter:

  1. You’ll Get a Better Deal – Solar installers are just naturally a bit less busy in the winter, which means they are more likely to work with you on install costs. By avoiding the rush, you’ll be getting the best deal your solar company has to offer.  
  2. Solar Still Works in the Winter – Despite many myths about solar in the winter, all your system needs to function properly is a good dose of sunlight. Especially in Colorado, we get plenty of sunshine in the winter, so your system will still function well, despite the cold.  
  3. Your System Will Be Installed Faster – There are less solar panels installed in the winter, so your solar providers will have more time to get you into their schedule and your system will be up and running faster.  
  4. It Makes Your Installers Happy – Have you ever been on a roof in the summertime? It can be incredibly hot and sticky. Solar installers love working in the winter, because, despite the cold, it’s not the raging heat of the summer.  
  5. Solar Incentives Are Running Out Quickly – We’re down to the wire on many solar tax incentives, and you’ll want to get in on these before they expire! It takes time for your solar system to be designed and installed, so it’s best to get started this winter, before these rebates are gone for good!  
  6. Beat Time-of-Day Pricing – If you live in Fort Collins specifically, you know that Time-of-Day Pricing is here to stay. This means you’re paying more for electricity during peak hours in both the summer and the winter. By installing solar, you can avoid these high rates, especially when your family uses the most electricity: early evening!   

There you have it – winter is a great time to consider solar for your home or business. In fact, we’ve outlined the best reasons to shop for solar in the winter in this blog, and we encourage you to get started on your solar system today! Sandbox Solar is your local, Northern Colorado solar provider, and we’re here to help you take advantage of the best reasons to shop for solar in the winter. Click here to learn more about Sandbox Solar and contact us to learn more about adding solar to your home or business.

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