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6 Common Solar Mistakes Homeowners Make

Posted in: Solar Info | Tags: , , | March 20, 2019

Solar Mistakes | Sandbox Solar

The decision to invest in a solar system for your home or business is a big one – not only is solar a big purchase, it will also last upwards of 30 years – so you want to make sure that whatever system you decide on is right for you. Sandbox Solar is your local, Northern Colorado solar provider, and one of our main goals is to help homeowners choose a system wisely. We work hard to provide all the information up front to ensure that you get the best system for your needs at the best price. In this blog, we’re covering the most common solar mistakes we see to help homeowners avoid some of the biggest pitfalls when choosing a system.

6 Common Solar Mistakes Homeowners Make

  1. Reduce Your Consumption – While solar panels provide a great source of energy and can really reduce your energy bill, it’s important to note: by reducing your energy consumption, you can have fewer solar panels, and thus a smaller investment. Before you make the switch to solar, find ways to reduce energy to make sure your solar system is as productive as possible.
  2. Due Diligence – You know that old adage… if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This same sentiment applies to solar as well. If you come across a solar salesperson who is promising you the world at an incredibly low rate: best case – there’s a loophole in there somewhere; worst case – it’s some kind of scam. Before deciding on any solar provider, do your due diligence to get multiple solar system quotes and compare plans, rates, lease or buy agreements, terms, and so on. Don’t just go with the first person you talk to – and also don’t just go with the cheapest – until you do more research. Look at reviews, talk to your neighbors, and really do your homework before you agree. Seek out many providers and find the one that suits your needs best.
  3. System Design – Before you even begin to determine which provider to work with, consider your energy consumption and the needs of your home or business. Think about your building and use tools like Colorado State University’s Solar Calculator to help you decide what kind of system is best for your needs. When it comes to a solar system, you don’t want one that is either too big or too small. Have an idea of what your requirements are before working with a salesperson, so you don’t get oversold.
  4. Getting Oversold – Speaking of getting oversold… many solar salespeople are paid on commission. This means that the more solar systems they sell, and the bigger they are, the more the person will make. This can create an environment in which they don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure the system is right for your needs to avoid one of the biggest solar mistakes homeowners make.
  5. Neglecting the Roof – We get it. The thought of paying for a new roof and solar system at the same time is a lot to agree too. But the last thing you want to do is put a new system on an old roof. Eventually the roof will need to be replaced, and in doing so, you’ll have to first remove your solar panels to do so. It’s much better to put a new system on a solid roof so you don’t have to worry about replacing your roof anytime soon.
  6. Forgetting the Insurance – While solar panels are typically very durable, just like any major investment, you’ll want to make sure your solar panels are properly insured just in case the worst happens. This is one of the biggest solar mistakes homeowners make, because many forget to account for the cost of insurance in the total bill and are often left with a not-so-welcome surprise. You’ll definitely want to make sure your system is properly insured; be sure to shop around for the best solar panel insurance options and find one that will adequately cover your system if need be.

Before you invest in a solar system, recognizing the common solar mistakes homeowners make will help you avoid them yourself. Taking the time to really do your homework and find the best Colorado solar installer – and the system that is best for you – will pay off in the end.

Sandbox Solar, your local, Northern Colorado solar installer, would love to have a chance to meet with you and see if we’re right for one another. We offer a no-pressure, free consultation and quote to see what kinds of systems we offer and what price you’re looking at for your home or office. Contact us today to learn more.

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