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4 Things to Know about Solar Re-Roofing with Sandbox Solar

Posted in: Hail & Weather | Tags: , , , | August 1, 2019

Solar Re-roofing

Has your home been hit by one of the recent hail storms we’ve had this year? Do you have solar panels installed on said roof? If so, you might be searching for information about “how to replace my roof with solar panels.” If this is you, you’re in the right place. In this Sandbox Solar blog, we’re covering solar re-roofing, or the process of replacing a roof with solar panels.

If you’ve lived in Northern Colorado for a summer or two, you know about the epic hail storms this area is prone to. Unfortunately, it’s true. According to 9News Weather, the Front Range in Colorado gets an average of 13 major hail storms a year. Colorado is known as “Hail Alley” and has the second highest average number of claims for hail damage each year. 

When hail hits Colorado, it hits hard – often causing serious damage to cars, roofs, and crops. As a Colorado homeowner, your roof is likely at the most risk for hail damage. If you end up needing a new roof and have a solar system, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Solar Panels Are Tough – If you have an installed solar system, the good news is that the panels are incredibly tough and are rated to survive most storms. In fact, the panel will actually protect the portion of the roof they cover. However, solar panels are designed to last 25-35 years, and your roof simply won’t last that long, especially if it gets hailed on. It’s likely you will need to replace your roof at some point, even if you have solar panels.

  2. Get It Inspected – Despite solar systems being notoriously tough, it doesn’t hurt to have them inspected if your home gets hit by an extreme storm. Insurance adjusters and roofers don’t always know what they’re looking for and might miss a damaged panel. If you’re worried about your system, work with a solar professional who can help you determine if your system is in need of repair.

  3. Work with a Solar Professional – If your home is in need of a new roof, it’s best to work with solar professionals to safely remove your panels before the roofing project and reinstall them when it’s complete. Roofers often don’t know enough about solar to remove and replace and will encourage you to work with a solar company for this part of the job. Working with an experienced solar re-roofing company such as Sandbox Solar means your panels will be properly taken care of and correctly reinstalled once the roof is replaced.

  4. Get It Covered – Depending on your homeowners insurance, you might actually be able to roll the cost of solar re-roofing into the hail damage claim. The experts at Sandbox Solar can help work with your insurance adjuster to see if this is a possibility. 

If your roof has been damaged by solar and you’re in need of a professional to help you with your solar system while you get your roof replaced, contact the Northern Colorado solar installers at Sandbox Solar today. We’re your local solar re-roofing experts, and we’re here to make sure your system is protected in the process. Contact us today!

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