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6 Tips to Keep Homes Cool this Summer!

Posted in: Homeowner | Tags: | July 2, 2019

Tips to Keep Homes Cool

Despite the slow start, it appears that summer is finally here in Northern Colorado and things are heating up quickly. You’ve probably noticed that your home is becoming awfully warm by the end of the day which is why we’re here with our best tips to keep homes cool this summer. 

In case you haven’t heard, Fort Collins now bills electricity users based on a Time-of-Day pricing model. This means during the summer months you’ll be paying much more in utility costs if you run your air conditioner system (and other appliances) from 2 – 7 PM – just the time of day everyone wants to crank up their AC! To save money (and reduce your footprint!), we recommend these tips to keep homes cool this summer:

  1. Utilize Smart Home Technology – By investing in a smart home system, you can program your thermostat to cool your home during non-peak hours. This will help you maintain the cool environment you prefer in an efficient manner, without breaking the bank.
  2. Cook Outside – Nothing heats up a house like cooking on the stove or turning on your oven. When you can, move your dinner prep outside to the barbecue grill or smoker to avoid the extra heat inside. While you’re out there, enjoy a nice meal on the patio!
  3. Open Your Windows – Be sure to take advantage of the cool nights and mornings we’re lucky to have here in Northern Colorado. Open your windows during the cooler hours to let the colder air in the house then close them in the morning before it gets too hot. You’ll be surprised just how much this can do for your home… plus, a little fresh air is good for us all!
  4. Close the Blinds – Before the day starts heating up, close your windows and draw the blinds to lock in the cool air and reduce the amount of sunlight your home gets. Nice thick, blackout shades can go a long way to keep your home from heating up this summer. 
  5. Get a Fan – If you don’t have one already, a simple fan is a great way to cool off in the summertime. Small fans don’t use a ton of energy and can do a lot to help move the air around and cool you off. Plus, box fans are a great way to draw in the cool air through your open windows during the night. If your home allows for it, a ceiling fan is another great way to circulate the air and cool down the room without running your AC.
  6. Consider Solar – You can help keep your home cooler by offsetting the cost of your electricity with a solar system. Solar is not affected by Time-of-Day pricing and the investment will help reduce your footprint, even in the hot summer months.

What tips to keep homes cool have you employed in your home? Whatever your best secrets are, you’ll want to start using them soon as it’s sure to be a hot summer in Northern Colorado yet. 

Sandbox Solar is your local, Northern Colorado solar provider and we’re here to help you keep your home comfortable and sustainable all year long, even in the hot summer months. If you’re ready to learn more about how a solar system can help you avoid Time-of-Day pricing and reduce your energy bill, contact us. We’re available to answer your questions and give you a free quote for your solar needs. Let’s get started!

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