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How to Know Which Solar Company in Colorado is Right for Your Home or Business

Posted in: Homeowner, Sandbox Solar, Solar Info | Tags: , , , , , | February 18, 2020

Solar Company in Colorado

We live in the perfect state to make investing in solar worthwhile. But that also means that picking a solar company in Colorado can be difficult, because there are so many to choose from. What should you look for in a solar company? Sandbox Solar – a leading Northern Colorado solar company – can help with that. Here are five things you need to decide when choosing a solar company for your family: 

  1. The Right Solar System for Your Home
    The beauty of solar systems is then can vary widely in size and the amount of output they are capable of. Before you begin any solar project, it’s important to have a sense of what the right kind of solar system is for your home or business. A lot of solar salespeople are paid on commission, so usually their goal is to sell you the biggest solar system they can – but you might not actually need it. Click here for a good resource for helping you determine the kind of system you will need. At Sandbox Solar, we work directly with you in dreaming up, designing, managing, and installing your solar system. We want you to have the best-engineered system for your home. Our people are not paid on commission. We just want to help you find the right solar system for you.
  2. Timeline of Your Project
    As you look for a solar provider, be sure to ask them what their timeline for completion may be. Sometimes solar companies can get backed up, and it might be awhile before it’s your turn. This is a good question to ask to help you determine the right solar company. 
  3. Payment Options
    Most local solar providers have partnerships with local financiers. Sandbox Solar works with Elevation Credit Union and offers leasing, loans, and power purchase agreements. The different payment options for solar providers are usually loans, leases, paying in cash, or PPAs. Some of the bigger companies offer in-house financing, which might make sense for your family, depending on the size and cost of your project.
  4. Reviews
    It’s important to look at reviews when trying to pick a solar company. Spend some time looking for customer reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or the company website. You can check out testimonials about Sandbox Solar here
  5. Local vs. National Solar Installers
    Last but not least, you need to decide whether you’re going to go with a local or national solar installer. There are differences that you need to be aware of when comparing a national company to a local business. There are pros and cons to each, and it’s important for you to interview both to see which one will meet your needs best.  Sandbox Solar is proud to be a local Northern Colorado solar company. Our team is all locally based, and we’re happy to meet you in person to discuss your system and answer questions.

Sandbox Solar is proud to be a top solar company in Colorado that serves families and businesses alike. We’re committed to our community and customers. We always work hard to provide the best deals, service, and solar systems to homeowners and families in Northern Colorado. We’d love to have a chance to see if we’re right for your project – contact us for a free consultation to learn more about our services!


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